Bathroom cabinetry with custom tile work
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  • Kitchen island cabinet
    With our long history and established relationships with the nation's best cabinet manufacturers, Genesis purchases a wide variety of cabinets, accessories and fittings. On occasion, we acquire units that are available at discount cost. We then pass savings along to our customers for purchase of these units. To find out more about what discounts might be available at this time, please contact our showroom. We will be happy to let you know what we have in our inventory that would work for your specific needs.

    Availability of discounts can be unpredictable. Discounted units are available on an 'as is' basis, so a quick call to us might be able to provide significant savings. Contact us for more information.

  • Design and installation services are available to help get your project completed quickly and to your satisfaction. We can put you in contact with some of the area's leading design and installation experts, so let us know what you are looking for.

    Our designers can help make the most of your investment. Understanding what cabinetry, accessory and countertop units are available at any time can help maximize the value of your project. Working with an expert helps!

    We can work the cost of design services into your total cost. We endeavor to provide the best in design and installation skill at the best possible price, so let us work with your ideas. Give us a chance to earn your business by giving us a call today.

  • Pricing is provided on a 'per project' basis. We take all aspects of your project, from cabinetry units and accessories to the design and installation services, and develop a total cost proposal.

    We can also work within a pre-defined budget to deliver the best possible value for your dollar. If you have a total project budget that you need to stay within, let us know your requirements. We can then provide a proposal.

    Getting the most value for your investment is our objective. We want the opportunity to earn your business and will make every effort to provide a project and cost that delivers long lasting value. Contact us for a free evaluation of your project.

Current Specials

Check with Genesis for all of the current manufacturers specials and promotions that are currently running

Looking for a particular item? Let us know what you are looking for so we can be aware of your needs. If we find something that meets your requirements, we can let you know.